Katarzyna Karwasińska
SUM II, gr. B
Book review

Constant conversation of the conscious and unconscious mind.
Bella - miedzy pepkiem a granica majtek.
Bella - between the belly button and the edge of knickers.
By Andrzej Setman

"Bella" is a book written by a therapist Andrzej Setman and it first appeared in Poland in 2007. It was his second book at that time. The author gathered and combined all his knowledge and abilities and turned them into metaphors and stories. The book, which can be classified as psychological, was designed in such a way that while going from page to page, the reader undergoes a constant transformation. And you will notice whether it is spiritual, mental or any other kind of transformation, as soon as you finish the book. What is more, "Bella" presents the perfection of the dialogue between one man and another. Extraordinary plot makes the reader want to visualize what is being read. This book is filled with emotions and positive thoughts. And, probably most importantly, due to its psychological theme, readers may identify themselves with the problems that are solved in the book, which makes it even more engaging.

The book begins with Andrzej sitting and waiting in the hospital, as his wife is having a surgery. Suddenly, his daughter, Ida enters the room and she is very surprised to see her father, as her parents are divorced and they have not been in touch for a long time. As shocking as it may seem for Ida, they start a conversation, we witness throughout the book. Ida is amused by her father's way of telling the stories and the more she listens to the tales concerning her parents' past, the more interested she becomes.

The crucial part of the book starts when Andrzej reveals the truth about Bella, who she is and where she comes from. Ida is shocked by the news, as she realizes that she has never actually known her mother. What is more, she finally becomes aware of the fact that some of the events in her life have not in fact been her fault.

But, if you want to know more about the real bound that is being created between the father and daughter throughout the book, you simply have to read it.

"Bella" is a magnificent book that is written in an easy to read style. It is nourishment for both mind and spirit. This book should be compulsory for every person that is able to read and who believes that there is nothing superior to living. Yet, this book can be treated as a mind - opening tool, as well. Therefore people who are narrow-minded or simply do not care about anything can find reading it a life - transforming action.

Taking into consideration the flaws of the book, it is actually hard to find any. The whole book is based on a conversation between the father and daughter, which brings them back together, after being apart for a few years. So, how can one discuss drawbacks of such a book, which next to amazing and full of emotions marriage-based stories, ends up with reunion? That question I leave unanswered...

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