My targets:

  • looking in the mirror without remorse of conscience and with a smile of understanding :)
  • feeling happy and giving reasons for the same to at least one person
  • teaching people of how to think, so that they could feel as happy as I am or even more
  • helping women to solve their relationship obstacles and not only...

My most important creations:
  • 2 children (and 3 grandchildren :)
  • successful relationship with an Incredible Woman
  • developing an effective therapy of female sexual dysfunction (called vaginismus)- thanks to this system the number of the Polish population has increased by at least 10 new citizens (and many happy marriages :) )
  • autotherapy allowing an effective treatment without a therapist
  • 6 books (4 of them have already been published :) )
  • text for a carol "Nadleciały Anioły"

People of the biggest influence with my practical knowledge development:
  • Wojciech Eichelberger - terapia intrapsychiczna
  • Daniela Czarska - ponologia
  • Zbigniew Królicki - Silva
  • Carl Simonton - RBT
  • Mariusz Wirga - RTZ
  • Frank Farrelly - terapia prowokatywna
  • Richard Bolstad - negotiations
  • Mateusz Grzesiak - NLP

University of the biggest influence with my theoretical knowledge development:
  • University of Vienna

My passion:
  • writing books on laws ruling our lives (no matter how one can understand this)
  • chatting till the morning (on those timeless or utterly lowbrow topics)
  • constant development of woman soul's understanding (especially THIS one)

what I value the most:
  • cohesion (with the proclaimed views)
  • ethics (dealing both people and animals)
  • humour (especially towards myself :)
  • acceptation (of human characters diversity)
  • understanding (of other people needs)
  • effectiveness (in action which is a measure of truth)
  • control (over negative emotions)
  • heartiness (during work with each customer)
  • responsibility (for words, deeds and plans)
  • happiness (of each lived moment)
  • distance (at my age-160m of walking with a dog, at most)

I find myself as:
  • tutor (someone well-experienced on his way through life :)
  • friend (someone wishing others luck and having reasons for feeling so)

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